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Three Branch Advocacy on Beacon Hill-Fair and Equitable Compensation

Sustaining relationships to address the needs of judges and their families.

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  • 63.77% judicial compensation increase between 2005 and 2018
  • 950% return on investment (based on individual dues totaling $7,570 over thirteen years and salary increase of $71,917)
  • Resulting increases to pension and survivor benefits
  • MJC Lobbyist and Legislative Committee
  • Legislation tracking
  • On-going research to support legislative agenda

Direct Member Support

24/7 on-call assistance to members and survivors; the MJC is there for its members when we’re needed most.

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  • On-Call 24/7 assistance to members and family, including visits with judges at court, home, hospital, or MJC office for urgent and routine matters or remote access during COVID 19 Pandemic
  • In person and remote access to MJC benefits and retirement briefings
  • Member access to comprehensive guide to judicial benefits and retirement
  • Strong network of local, state and national resources to address specific needs of judges
  • Assistance to survivors regarding transitions
  • Regional meetings with MJC Officers and Directors
  • Retired Judges Networking Directory
  • MJC Retired Judges Photo Membership Cards
  • Funeral notices to members; letters of condolence forwarded to family; Judicial honor procession

Member Engagement and Education

Member access to Judicial Benefits and Pension Planning Guide, Retired Judges Networking Directory, and more.

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  • Creation and distribution of Transitions: Judicial Benefits and Pension Planning Guide (Revised 2019 edition)
  • MJC Webinar on Retirement Planning and Judicial Benefits with Nick Favorito, Esq. – Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Retirement Board, and other state and federal resources
  • MJC 247(member email newsletter)(formerly MJC InBrief
  • MJC Retired and Former Judges Networking Directory
  • Member needs assessments

Annual Meeting and Awards

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  • Judicial Excellence Video Profiles
  • Awards
    ▪ Judicial Excellence
    ▪ Distinguished Service
    ▪ Doing Justice

Public Outreach

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  • MJC Bench Time Video Interviews with Judges covering Drug Court, Gun Court and Veterans’ Court
  • Speaking of Justice speaker series available to school and civic organizations
  • Press releases, media management, support

Upcoming Initiatives

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  • Remote access
  • Website and Member portal
  • Assessment of social media to improve communication with judges and general public
  • Webinars
  • The Justice Dialogues Podcast