MJC 2022 Election Results

Upon the verification and certification of votes cast in the MJC election between October 14, and 21, Election Tellers Hon. Stephen Limon, Juvenile Court (Ret.) Head Teller, District Court Judge Mary Beth Heffernan, and Superior Court Judge Thomas Drechsler are pleased to report the following results:

President: Hon. Matthew J. Machera, District Court

Vice President (Listed in alphabetical order):

  • Hon. Daniel E. DiLorati, District Court
  • Hon. David W. Griffin, Juvenile Court
  • Hon. Robert W. Harnais, District Court
  • Hon. Edward J. McDonough, Superior Court

Treasurer: Hon. Zachary Hillman, District Court

Clerk: Hon. Michael E. Malamut, Housing Court

The two-year term of the Officers begins on January 2, 2023. Directors will be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Officers in January.


Robert P. Clayman,
M.Ed., JD Executive Director