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Message from

MJC President,

Hon. Matthew J. Machera

Message from MJC President, Hon. Matthew J. Machera

Since the Massachusetts Judges Conference was established in 1982, more than 85% of sitting judges support the organization through their dues (no tax dollars are used to support the programs and services of the MJC). The MJC’s Officers and Directors remain committed to a founding mission—fair and equitable compensation for judges, and have expanded programming and services to improve public understanding of judicial independence and access to justice under the rule of law.  (Read the MJC’s Mission Statement.)

For judges, there are numerous initiatives underway that further demonstrate the priorities of the Officers and Directors, such as intergovernmental relations, judicial security and wellness, diversity, media relations, professional recognition, learning, and support throughout one’s judicial career. We are committed to using cost effective, current technology to communicate with members and the public. This website shines a bright light on the people who work diligently to bring justice to every corner of the state, and the links provide 24/7 access to the MJC.

Pending Legislation: As of July 2022, pending MJC legislation will have a direct impact on judicial compensation as well as compensation for many employees in the court system. (Read March 1, 2022 Judicial Compensation Briefing document).  Other pending legislation will provide available benefits for judges with military service and expand survivor beneficiary options available to all other state employees. Within the MJC, retired judges continue to build our capacity to respond to media inquiries and issues of expanding interest to the general public. MJC judges are involved in court sponsored partnerships with local schools and civic groups.

Access to Justice during the pandemic: Finally, and perhaps most importantly, judges along with court employees and community partners, have been able to keep courts accessible to the public during the last two years while this modern-day pandemic has changed our sense of personal health and security that permeates every neighborhood and home. It has stressed people and resources to their limits. Through it all, while we mourn the loss of life, and cope with long-term illness, our collective determination fuels our determination to thrive despite the challenges that are with us for the foreseeable future.

I conclude this message with gratitude to all the judges of the Commonwealth, sitting and retired, as well as their families for their resilience and commitment to one another and to the people of the Commonwealth.


Hon. Matthew J. Machera, MJC President, 2020-2022
Phone: 617-272-5491
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Board of Directors, Clerk, Judge Michael Malamut (far left), and Worcester Housing Court First Justice Diana Horan, and Housing Court Staff

Former Trial Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey (Ret.), Judicial Excellence Awards Dinner 2019

Superior Court Judge Catherine H. Hamm, Supreme Judicial Court Justice Serge Georges, Jr.,  Boston Municipal Court, Central Division, First Justice James W. Coffey, and Boston Municipal Court Judge  Lisa A. Grant.